Aurelia Charlotta Full of Emotion in Single with Pop Ballad Nuances Titled ‘Bisakah’

Aurelia Charlotta‘s debut track, ‘Bisakah,’ greeted the audience. Aurelia Charlotta attempts to portray a third person story through the pop ballad genre, which differs from previous tracks.

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This song was written and produced by Trakast, Yafi and Seto Bramana, who are better known as Trafis, while the Mixing and Mastering processes were also handled by Seto Bramana. In the process of making the song, Charlotta admitted that she learned a lot, including when making the music video for this single.

Discussing a bit about the music video for ‘Bisakah’ which will also be accompanied by a lyric video, Aurelia Charlotta has prepared it to the fullest. With the concept of the K-Pop Idol music video, this video will also present an emotional side and good visuals so that the audience can feel more about what Aurelia is trying to convey in this song.

Charlotta hopes that this song can represent people who are in love with someone else’s partner, and she hopes that this song can be accepted and liked by many people. Even so, Charlotta also advises people who are experiencing what she tells in this single not to continue or even have more feelings for that person because it will only hurt themselves in the end. Aurelia Charlotta presents her debut single entitled ‘Bisakah’ which is now available on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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