Rangga Euforia Questions the Need to Fight for Mortal Sense in “Semu”

Rangga Euforia released “Semu” under Sun Music ID. Rangga Euforia is a singer who graduated from the Indonesian Idol 2022 audition named Muhammad Arhangga Satriawan. “Semu” is delivered in pop nuances that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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“First sight is one of the most important moments in the journey of love.” From there, everyone will get first impressions of each other which can be real or pseudo. “Semu” is a story about how that interest arose when we first met which raises the question, “Can I be with them?”, “Will there be other people who will be disappointed in my relationship with them in the future?”. That makes “Semu” manifest as an interest worth fighting for or not even at all.

Listen to “Semu” on your favorite music platforms. Discover the meaning of “Semu” and make your choice to side with the team that deserves to fight for this love or not at all for all these pseudo things!

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