Nadhif Basalamah Gives Deep Sense of Emotion in ‘Penjaga Hati’

Nadhif Basalamah, a talented young Indonesian musician, announced the release of his latest single “Penjaga Hati”. Previously, Nadhif released several singles that received positive responses from his listeners. Unlike the previous singles, Nadhif’s single release promises a deeper impression and evokes emotions for listeners.

The single describes a deep feeling of love, who is willing to do anything to express his love. “Penjaga Hati” is also a reflection of uncontrollable emotions, when one has such a strong connection with another person that one can transcend boundaries and overcome all obstacles to happiness, as in “Semoga ada cara tuk terus bersama, selalu kutunggu, tak mau yang baru” as the highlight lyric of his latest single.

Nadhif admitted that “Penjaga Hati” was inspired by the complex feeling of love, namely someone who loves someone who is not ready to accept their love. Therefore, Nadhif wrote this song to express the most honest form to his loved ones. “Penjaga Hati” was written by Nadhif Basalamah and produced by Petra Sihombing and Daffa Sirat. “Penjaga Hati” is also Nadhif’s first time releasing an Indonesian single. This single shows a difference from his previous singles in the delivery of his love, previously he described his love more in the form of despair, but this time he is more honest in packaging the single.

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“Penjaga Hati” is worth listening to and was officially released on June 21, 2023, along with a lyric video and visualizer on Nadhif Basalamah’s official YouTube channel. With the release of “Penjaga Hati”, we hope that this single can provide a fresh musical antidote and be accepted by listeners. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Nadhif Basalamah’s latest single ‘Penjaga Hati’ on all your favorite digital streaming platforms.

Nadhif started his music career in 2018 with the release of his first single “After School Sad Session”. In addition to the success of his first single, he released various other works such as “something more” and “to be with Me”‘. In 2022, Nadhif released his debut mini album “Wonder in Time” which also received a positive response from listeners.

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