Nadhif Basalamah Invites Young Rapper, LAZE For Project ‘Never Let You Go’

Nadhif Basalamah, a newcomer singer, presents his latest work featuring renowned Indonesian rapper LAZE. Nadhif Basalamah and LAZE are working together with MD Musik Indonesia on the same project titled “Never Let You Go” which will be the original soundtrack of “Mozachiko”.

Following the success of his previous works, Nadhif Basalamah is increasingly productive in cultivating his love for music. In addition, with his rapping skills, LAZE has become one of the rappers who has made Indonesia proud in the international music industry.

In line with the series’ story, “Never Let You Go” tells the story from the perspective of the series’ main characters Chiko (Junior Roberts) and Moza (Rebecca Klopper). “Never Let You Go” tells the story of a man who regrets the feeling that his love came too late, and chose to leave when the feeling was there. Written by Eltandre (Raquel Lewi, Mytha Lestari, Andre Lizt) and Havie Parkasya (LAZE), the song does have quite a deep meaning. But uniquely, “Never Let You Go” is still packaged in the R&B genre with a contemporary style.

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Mozachiko, which airs on WeTV Indonesia, tells the story of Moza (Rebecca Klopper) and Chiko (Junior Roberts) who cannot be united like water and oil. This is something Moza only realizes when she tries to make Chiko her boyfriend in 100 days. The innocent, spontaneous, and outspoken Moza can’t possibly get Chiko, the coolest guy in school. However, it’s not Moza if she just gives up. 

The most popular girl in school, Nency (Keisya Levronka), has been disturbed by Moza’s presence. The situation is complicated not only at school but also in Moza’s personal life due to Nency’s background. Only one person can see Moza’s true identity, Draco (Isaiah Abraham), a quiet and cruel senior. Watch the continuation of their extraordinary story in full only on WeTV Indonesia starting June 2, 2023.

“Never Let You Go” can be enjoyed on various digital streaming platforms starting June 2, 2023. Also, look out for the official lyric video on MD Music’s YouTube channel and wait for more surprises from the exclusive “Mozachiko” original soundtrack on MD Music’s social media.

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