Nadila Wantari Tells About Longing and Apology in “Fase”

Nadila Wantari returned with her sixth single entitled “FASE”, after several months filled with activities and collaborative releases with senior band, Drive. This single contains stories from Nadila about a longing and also an expression of apology.

Nadila gave a point of view about longing based on her story that her father passed away when she was in elementary school. At 24 years old, Nadila feels that her father’s role is very important in accompanying her to grow up. She felt that everything could go well, and would not be as complicated as what she had experienced since she was small until now. Because of that, Nadila also expressed her longing in the song “FASE”.

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Nadila’s apology in this song tells the story of the world of entertainment related to music, being something that went against her father and also the family descended from her father. Nadila’s music career is actually against her father’s dream. She started her career in the entertainment industry as a member of JKT48 8 years ago. Now, she has graduated from the group and continued her solo career. This made Nadila want to express her apologies in the song “FASE”

This song is packaged by Andre Surman, the producer, with a ballad atmosphere that seems deep, dark, and painful, which is interpreted or retold in the form of song tunes. Nadila Wantari writes and tells about “FASE” with universal language, so that fans and other listeners can interpret or adapt the stories with their own experience.

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