Marion Jola Sends Message for the Haters Through ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’

Marion Jola is back with her latest work ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ after four months since the last single was released. Still under the record label Universal Music Indonesia, this song tells about Marion Jola’s anxiety towards haters who often give negative comments about her.

Carrying super groovy pop dance music with up-beat tempo and cheerful nuances, the single ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ is very fresh and different from previous singles. The title ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ was also taken based on his experience dealing with haters. 

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“Essentially, this is a kind of answer for haters or netizens who don’t like me, and often comment negatively about anything related to me. Apart from that, this song also contains a message for everyone to believe in themselves more, don’t care about haters, just be yourself, as long as it’s positive just do it, don’t want to be controlled by them (haters),” Marion Jola said.

For the first time Marion Jola collaborated with international music producer, The Kennel from Sweden, represented by Harry Sommerdahl and Kamilla Bayrak in creating a song. This is a good achievement for Marion Jola’s career.

Speaking of musical arrangements, ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ presents dance pop music as its common thread. However, the catchy Rn’B touch is also felt in several parts. It won’t be difficult to digest this easy to listen song.

The concept of this music video is also very brilliant. The music video for ‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ was made with super sexy visuals with EUIS Studio and Ade Yason as the producer. Not only Marion Jola’s visuals are the center of attention, but the color playing is also very eye-catching.

Even though it was only set in a studio, Marion Jola’s appearance when doing dance moves with several dancers was able to refresh and give a fresh color. Plus several properties that reinforce the message of the song itself.

Through this song, Marion Jola hopes that the message from the lyrics can be an inspiration so that those who have haters can still see the reality that life is not about the voices of netizens, but being yourself is the best thing to do.

‘(Not Your) Cup Of Tea’ is now available on all digital music services. Also, don’t forget to watch the music video on Marion Jola’s official YouTube channel.

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