Aviwkila Invites Fans to be Grateful in New Single “Hei Kamu”

Aviwkila, a duo consisting of husband, Uki Diqie Sulaiman, and wife, Thana Ajeng Purishita, is back with a new single titled “Hei Kamu”. This song is a unique one because it was written based on fans’ stories woven into a beautiful and meaningful song. 

“So, this song is taken from a program called “Cerita Kamu” launched on TikTok beginning in December 2021. We made this program for everyone to write any story they have. Based on those stories, we finally made a song titled ‘Hei Kamu’,” explained Uki. 

They hope that this song can encourage everyone who listens to this song to be stronger no matter the situation of life they face now. “Not only to motivate (our listeners), but this song also becomes a reminder that most of us tend to forget to thank ourselves for passing through many things and processes that happened in our life, both easy and hard ones. Meanwhile, everytime we remember to be grateful and thank ourselves, (we) will immediately feel the joyful feedback,” Uki added more. 

The single under Universal Music Indonesia applies mesmerizing pop ballad music with a hint of easy-listening folk pop. The arrangement is simple, minimalist yet feels lovely with acoustic guitar as the main element. String section and violin harmonize very perfectly, making the song more grand.

Aviwkila worked together with Prialangga as director and Cici Aprilia as producer in making the music video. The mv tells us about Dewi who grows into a strong, smart, and independent young girl. She even becomes the figure of a mother in her house. However, she feels like she loses the togetherness she felt in the past, including the moments with her parents. Her parents are always busy working for her. 

The music video brings a deep mood visual that touches everyone’s heart, so that everyone who watches it will relate to the story of how we fight to make ourselves happy. 

With this new single, Aviwkila wants everyone to look at the mirror after waking up in the morning, thanking themselves and being grateful for everything while smiling for themselves. Therefore, everytime the song is played, it can be a good affirmation to make us stronger. 

“This song is made for all strong and cool people out there who are still fighting for their dreams”

“Hei Kamu” is already available on all digital music platforms and the music video is already out on Youtube. 

Aviwkila is a duo consisting of Ajeng and Uki. They began their music career in 2014 when they participated in Rising Star Indonesia 2014. They used 15econds as their duo name. In 2015, they changed their duo name into Aviwkila.

Throughout their career, their cover single “Karna Su Sayang” hit the top 1 chart in every platforms and #1 trending on Youtube for a week. “Doa Untuk Kamu” also reached the top 10 All Platform Indonesia. They began to be well-known in Southeast Asia with “I Like You So Much You’ll Know It” and “Juni (You Will Always Gonna Be My Love”. 


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