Avoid These 3 Colors if You Have Tanned Skin

Everyone’s skin tone is unique, and choosing the right color of clothing that matches your skin tone can make your appearance stand out, such as choosing the right color of clothing for brown skin.

Choosing clothing colors for brown skin can enhance the appearance and highlight the natural warmth of the skin. While there are no hard and fast rules about color selection, certain colors can reduce the radiance of the skin and make us look unattractive. If you have tanned skin, avoid 3 colors when you pick an outfit of the day. 

  1. Too Bright Clothing Colors

On tanned skin, neon colors or too bright colors can hinder the natural brightness of the skin. Light-colored clothing can create a strong contrast and affect the overall appearance. It’s better to avoid too flashy colors like neon pink, bright yellow, or fluo green, and opt for softer, more natural colors.

  1. Too Pale Clothing Colors

Clothing colors that are too light or too pale can also make tanned skin look dull or lackluster. Colors like pure white or light gray may not complement the warmth in your skin. If you want to wear neutrals, try warmer shades of creamy white, dark grey, or beige to give your skin a flattering look.

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  1. Overly Contrasting Clothing Colors

Too much contrast between your clothing color and skin tone can also be distracting. For example, wearing a very light color such as solid black or pure white can be a huge contrast to a tan.

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