Dru Chen x Charlie Lim Describes How to Face Adversity and Heal Wounds in “Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew”

Dru Chen x Charlie Lim released a song that perfectly describes how to face adversity and heal wounds in “Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew”. This song talks about “finding your way home” despite hardships, struggles and pain, and learning better every day. If there is a songs that sound like a cup of hot chocolate in the rainy season, ‘Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew’ is one of them

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Dru contemplates how the mind of a newborn is empty – not tainted or polluted by the bad influences and traumas of the world. Dru wanted his audience to rethink trying to go in the desired direction; to pursue what truly makes us happy.

‘Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew’ was written and produced in collaboration with Singaporean writer and singer Charlie Lim as part of the Utopia Reimagined series, by the Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise. The movement started in 2004 where founder and former ambassador Michael Tay commissioned Russian composer Vladimir Martynov to compose the ‘SINGAPORE’ Symphony which was adapted to ‘UTOPIA’ in 2018, and recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Keeping with his theme of learning to improve himself, Dru Chen, who is also a lecturer at Republic Polytechnic’s School of Technology for the Arts, brought in talented Sonic Arts diploma students as audio engineers, and produced Dolby Atmos mixes in the new Immersive Audio Suite at their Woodlands campus. In addition, the artwork in the form of the song’s artwork itself was made by Dr. Yanyun Chen, a visual artist, researcher, and also a lecturer at Yale-NUS.

Dru Chen x Charlie Lim is very excited about releasing this song as part of the album Slower Life, a continuation of what he did in early 2021 with Slow Life and Yung Lee Records. The Slower Life album itself will be released on June 30, 2023.

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