June 1: Pancasila’s Birth as Indonesia’s National Ideology

Pancasila’s birth is commemorated on June 1, one of the important dates in Indonesia’s national calendar. The choice of June 1 as the birthday of Pancasila refers to the moment of the session of the Dokuritsu Junbi Cosakai (Badan Penyelidik Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan/BPUPKI) to formulate the foundation of the Republic of Indonesia. The provision also aims that all components of the government, society, and the state to commemorate Pancasila as the ideology of the Indonesian nation on June 1 every year. The body held its first session on May 29, 1945. In the session, BPUPKI members discussed the foundations of an independent Indonesia. 

At the second BPUPKI session, Soekarno had the opportunity to express his speech about the original concept of Pancasila which happened to be the foundation of the Indonesian state on June 1, 1945, in a speech entitled “Lahirnya Pancasila”. This speech was originally delivered by acclamation by Soekarno without a title, then this speech was recorded by BPUPKI which was included in the preface of this book by former BPUPKI President Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat. 

This is what citizens need to know about the history of Pancasila’s birthday. However, this history is not only worth knowing but also has several layers of meaning to understand. Quoting the DJKN website of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, the Birth of Pancasila is a time to commemorate, honor, and at the same time appreciate the struggle of the founding fathers to build the foundations of the Indonesian nation. Pancasila must be used as the basis of behavior in the life of society, nation, and state.

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Pancasila as the foundation of the state, the nation’s ideology, and the nation’s outlook on life is a gift from God Almighty to the Indonesian people. Pancasila is also a tool to unify the nation and unite all the differences and diversity that exist. Practicing the values of Pancasila is an expression of love for the homeland so that it can build a more advanced Indonesia. The values of Pancasila can be practiced in simple forms such as mutual respect and respect, and cooperation.

In a Presidential decree, the birthday of Pancasila, June 1, is also designated as a national holiday. Therefore, people can fill the red date with different activities. People can participate in the celebration of the birthday of Pancasila in various ways. The best way is to strengthen the values of Pancasila in real understanding and action. Let us continue to strengthen the values of Pancasila in understanding and real action so that we can eliminate the various effects of global ideological battles, as well as various frictions in the value system and character of Indonesia’s young generation in the future of Indonesia.

In addition, another option is to take historical tours to various museums in Indonesia. This is intended as an education to get to know the ideological forerunner of the Indonesian nation.

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