AYUENSTAR Expresses Grief And Hopelessness in “Manusia Putus Asa”

AYUENSTAR, “2018’s Indonesian Idol TOP 4 Season 9,” released a new song “Manusia Putus Asa”. AYUENSTAR took inspiration from her own experience of feeling under pressure. Her new single “Manusia Putus Asa” tells the story of a person who lived a lovely simple life until the universe changed everything.

AYUENSTAR tried to get out of her comfort zone with her new song, which has a “ballad” and sad melody. AYUENSTAR, who is known for her upbeat music and rapping skill, unexpectedly drops her newest song in a melodic style. Also, unlike her previous two English songs, “Manusia Putus Asa” is written in Indonesian. AYUENSTAR created the lyrics and melody for this song, and Weirdudes helped with the music arrangement.

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In “Manusia Putus Asa” song, AYUENSTAR expresses her grief and hopelessness. AYUENSTAR explains not only family but also love and life in general in this song. As an introvert, AYUENSTAR had barely no one with whom she could express herself. She can finally express herself through this song.

AYUENSTAR hopes that by listening to this song, her fans will be able to relate to what she has been through and never feel alone again. AYUENSTAR wishes to inspire listeners to dive deep into the greater meaning of life and instill a sense of optimism throughout all difficulties.


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