Bagas Ran Expresses His Feeling of Doubt in “Ragu”

Bagas Ran released a new song entitled “RAGU” under the auspices of the Indo Semar Records label. Bagas wrote this song in November 2022 telling about love that grows in friendship. The reason for choosing this song was because this story happened a lot in a friendship relationship, some of which were successful and continued to the marriage level. However, not a few also fail in fighting for their love that starts from friendship

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Bagas is sung in a slightly different way from his previous songs. “RAGU”, which is in the Pop genre, comes with a touch of Folk with a very touching musical arrangement and Bagas’ distinctive soft voice makes this song even more pleasant to listen to. In making the lyric video, Bagas was assisted by a team from the music label Indo Semar Records in a relatively short time, where Bagas Ran served as Composer and Pramudito as Music Producer. “RAGU” is out on various Indonesian music platforms, and there will also be an official lyric video on Youtube Indo Semar Sakti.

BAGAS RAN, a man from Palembang who is currently expanding his wings in the capital city as a professional singer. Apart from singing, Bagas is also a skilled songwriter, even from all the singles that have been released, not many people know that most of Bagas’ songs are his own creations. Not only that, Bagas has also begun to reveal his talent in acting. In 2022, Bagas had an additional role in the film “My Sassy Girl” and was cast in the film “Have a Nice Date” as Gio.

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