Ricky Zakno is Moving On in  “Berjalan Lagi”

Ricky Zakno finally decided to start a solo career after deciding to let go of his past tale and released his debut single, “Berjalan Lagi.”

This song tells about a very difficult separation, but must be lived through and take steps to move forward. The inspiration for this song itself was taken from a story told by Ricky Zakno to Pika Iskandar, the writer and producer of the song, about himself trying to take a new step and keep going again.

Ricky said that this song is very special, the title even relates to him trying to walk again. He started walking again by singing solo through this song, he tried to convey what he was thinking through this song which later became a masterpiece by Pika Iskandar.

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The good support from Loop Music as the label that houses him made Ricky Zakno gain the confidence to release “Berjalan Lagi” and have a career in the music industry because starting something new is not easy for Ricky.

Ricky also said that he experienced his own challenges during the recording process. Usually, he records together with his mates, and now he has to be able to record on his own without any sharing of parts. Fortunately, in the recording process, Hendra ‘Pungky’ Purnanto as the vocal coach and Pika Iskandar assisted him in the recording process. This recording process can run very smoothly and Ricky is able to sing the song to the fullest.

With the strains of 2000s pop melodies and touching lyrics, the song “Berjalan Lagi” is expected to be enjoyed by the public, especially fans. Ricky also hopes that this song can be a motivation for all listeners to continue to rise from difficulty and walk again as before. 


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