Barasuara Expresses Their Solid Come Back in “Merayakan Fana”

Barasuara released a music video directed by Yogi Kusuma a week after the release of the track “Merayakan Fana” on February 15, 2023. The six members of Barasuara—Iga Massardi, Puti Chitara, Asteriska, TJ Kusuma, Gerald Situmorang, and Marco Steffiano—performed this song in the music video, which is about honoring the fleeting time during our lifetime.

After publishing their second album, “Pikiran dan Perjalanan,” four years ago, Barasuara now releases their first song,  “Merayakan Fana”. Barasuara’s new song portrays a variety of emotional elements and is ready to fill a spot on their upcoming third album. Gerald Situmorang explained that this song is unique because the design changes and expands to meet requirements.

Barasuara’s growth and evolution are also reflected in this song, which commemorates the band’s ten-year journey. Barasuara is now more aware of their respective contributions to the development of the ideal work and composition.

Asteriska thinks Barasuara’s energy is currently more direct, united, and open-minded because she has gained so much more knowledge about life and ego. Gerald hopes that this song will give the band a fresh new image, which will attract the attention of listeners and inspire them to continue checking out their music.


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