Cempaka Foundation Inaugurates Agropreneurship Learning Community and Rumah Maggot Terpadu on National Waste Awareness Day 2023 to Boost MSME Potential and Education

Cempaka Foundation launched an Agropreneurship Learning Community (ALC) program on February 22, 2023, coinciding with National Waste Awareness Day. The National Waste Awareness Day 2023 provided a theme “Tuntas Kelola Sampah untuk Kesejahteraan Masyarakat/Complete Waste Management for Community Welfare”. The inauguration event took place in Dayurejo Village, Prigen District, Pasuruan Regency. This initiative, which was introduced by the Cempaka Foundation and PT Cargill Indonesia, aims to empower local communities economically by maximizing the potential of agroforestry and other rural resources.

This program seeks to support rural communities in managing their economic potential sustainably and independently using good business management approaches. The local MSME will turn their livestock and crops into processed goods with a marketable value. Numerous products, including processed coffee, fruit, bamboo, herbal plants, and other items, have been produced as a result of this program. ALC was formed as a program for managing natural resources, but it was also intended to educate the local community about how to use and process the resources available.

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Along with the opening of the Agropreneurship Learning Community, Rumah Maggot Terpadu, one of the businesses created through the ALC program, was also introduced on the same day. Rumah Maggot Terpadu harvests maggots of Black Soldier Flies. This business was driven by the issue of merely thrown-away organic waste in rural areas. According to research conducted by the Cempaka Foundation, household waste contains 65% organic waste. If a significant event is hosted in the village, this percentage will rise to 85%.

Because breeding maggots eat the organic waste of the local community, maggot harvesting can address the issue of organic waste. Maggots can also be used as an environmentally friendly and profitable alternative to animal feed. This is not only a solution for organic waste management, but maggot breeding can also have economic value.


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