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Agatha Pricilla’s “One Day”, To Forgive Someone and Her Mother’s Advice About Life

Agatha Pricilla released her fresh neo-soul-pop, “One Day” on Friday, February 17 2023 via Sun Eater. As a testament to Pricilla’s capability as both a songwriter and singer that has matured, but also acts as a personal note for Pricilla about her making peace with the past. Written in 2021, “One Day” also explores the meaning of forgiveness and how her mother’s advice will also guide her through her problem.

“It started from my tendency to procrastinate. It also includes my feelings and forgiving others,” Pricilla explains the song’s meaning. The bond between her and her mother was also part of the reason to rebuild her way to solve the problems. “Since I am close with my mother, I always confide in her regarding my problems of not being capable yet to forgive someone. Her answer is the one that woke me up.”

Different from her last year’s single, “Ruang”, “One Day” brings a lot of ‘70s black music influence. It gave distinct and fresh sounds with a full arrangement of music. Produced by Lafa Pratomo who helped Pricilla during the recording and mastering process, while Tristan Juliano and Salma Chetizsa, Pricilla’s best friend, helped her during the writing process.

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“One Day” is a part of four songs that were included in the mini album that will be released in May. This mini album is a collection of every reminder and note from Pricilla’s mother. From “One Day”, Pricilla wants to thank her mother for every piece of advice she gave to her that helped her during her darkest day, and for naming the album after her mother “Adriana”.


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