Agatha Pricilla and Mondo Gascaro released a Double Single Titled “Cipta di Batas Rasa” & “Lepas Berdansa”

Agatha Pricilla and Mondo Gascaro present a collaborative single entitled “Cipta di Batas Rasa” & “Lepas Berdansa” on December 9, 2022. These singles were released by Ivy League Music. The single “Cipta di Batas Rasa” was fully written by Agatha Pricilla and Mondo Gascaro.

“Cipta di Batas Rasa” has a story about how we deal with a pandemic situation with all its limitations, but we can still receive hope. In particular, there are many musicians who are still working despite the impact.

“Cipta di Batas Rasa” was previously released in 2020, because at that time the release level was limited, Mondo and Pricil agreed to re-release the song more widely and continue their collaboration.

“Because at that time, the song distribution was limited, it would be a shame if we didn’t re-release it. That’s why we had the idea to release the song again, plus one new song.” Mondo Gascaro said.

Pricil welcomed the idea of writing a new song with Mondo with great enthusiasm. “Because Mas Mondo was very open to discussions, the process of writing this second song was much more enjoyable. I had more time to think things through, and I had the opportunity to write lyrics and explore harmonizing backing vocals,” Pricil said.

By releasing “Cipta di Batas Rasa” dan “Lepas Berdansa”, Pricil has some hopes. “The hope is actually at the core of the two songs, which is to be motivated to continue working but not to push on, instead of being ambitious,” she said. “I also want people to see the side of me singing a different type of song than usual, with Mas Mondo too. This is something new that I want to show you. Hopefully the response is good and likes.”

Mondo Gascaro himself was previously known as the founder of the “Sore” group as well as the music arranger for films such as “Berbagi Suami and Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku”.


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