Cempaka Foundation Wins Anugerah Maslahat Award 2023, Strives To Conserve Water Sources

Cempaka Foundation won the award for the Environmental Conservation Activist Institution category at the Anugerah Maslahat Award 2023 which took place on Friday, June 16, 2023, at Graha Maslahat, Raci Office Complex, Pasuruan Regency. The event was organized by the Pasuruan Regency Government in conjunction with World Environment Day 2023. The event was attended by Pasuruan Regent, Pasuruan Deputy Regent, and several government officials.

Pasuruan Regent H. M. Irsyad Yusuf, S.E., M.M.A. expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all parties involved in the development of Pasuruan Regency for their participation in the Anugerah Maslahat Award 2023. He also expressed his gratitude to all levels of Pasuruan Regency society, especially the awardees who are brilliant and bring the good name of Pasuruan Regency.

The award announced 21 categories including Best Governance and Public Services, Population and Civil Registry Service Innovation, Adiwiyata School in 2021, Environmental Conservation Activist Company / Institution, Reclamation Care Mining Company, Biodiversity Care Company, and Environmental Service Payment Initiator, Environmentally Friendly Based Waste Management Company Category, Endemic and Typical Plants Preservation Company, Tourism Village Award (Self-Help), Collaborative Tourism Village, Innovative Digital, Tourism Village Award, Non-Governmental Organization, Pioneer of Agrarian Village Development, Adiwiyata Mandiri in 2022, Environmental Care Company (Proper Gold), Eco Pesantren in 2022, Companies Contributing to Community Empowerment and Environmental Preservation through CSR Programs, and so on.

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Cempaka Foundation received an award in the field of Environmental Conservation Activist Institution in 2016 for their efforts to protect and save water sources on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, precisely in Dayurejo Village, Prigen District, Pasuruan Regency. Not only that, Cempaka Foundation also runs a sociopreneurship program to develop Hutan Cempaka Ecotourism Area which can help around 75 local communities.

For this achievement, Cempaka Foundation hopes that Cempaka will be more motivated to develop and innovate so that it can continue to benefit nature and humans.

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