Bard, Google’s Chat GPT Competitor Launches in Brazil and Europe

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, launched the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard in Brazil and Europe. This is the largest expansion of the product since launching in March in the US and UK and competition is fierce from Microsoft Chat GPT.

Bard’s launch in the EU was delayed after the main data regular on the block raised privacy concerns. The Irish Data Protection Commission said the tech giant was not providing enough information about its generative AI tools protecting Europeans’ privacy.

Companies say they have met supervisors and reassured them on issues relating to transparency, control and choice. Amar Subramanya, Bard’s vice president of engineering said that users can choose not to have their data collected.

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Google’s senior product director, Jack Krawczyk, wrote in a blog post that we can collaborate with Bard in more than 40 languages, including Chinese, German, Spanish, Indian and Arabic. This includes the chatbot’s ability to relay answers back, and to respond to requests that also include images. (

He also added that users can now change Bard’s tone and response style to professional, casual, long, short, or simple. Users can also pin or rename conversations, export code to more places, and use images as instructions.

Source: BBC

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