Skena: Why It Goes Viral and Considered Negative

Skena became one of the terms that was trending on social media. This term is familiar among slang, but there are still many who are still confused about it and why this term is popular.

Skena is an abbreviation of three words: SUA, cengKErama, kelaNA. The meaning of this term relates to collective gatherings that can create an atmosphere for mingling to the point of traveling together when gathering and is believed to be taken from the English language: ‘scene’ which describes a place where an incident occurred.

Why Is Skena Considered Negative?

In the world of music, skena is about a circle, an environmental culture or a place for interaction between musicians and music lovers as a community. For example, the circle of punk music fans is called skena punk and fans of indie music are called skena indie.

Actually, this is not that bad. This collective association certainly can increase knowledge of the world of music. Unfortunately, it seems to have a negative intonation on social media. Why is that?

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In recent years, ‘indie’ music has been considered cool by the public. Those who hear this music are considered the coolest in the crowd because they listen to rare music. This also extends to the world of social media. (  

Many discussions that seem to deify indie music and make popular pop music are ‘ordinary’ and ‘not cool’ choices. This is why Skena is considered as an association of music fans who instead have a culture of criticism among other music lovers.


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