If You Hate Having Small Talk During Hair Cutting, Try This Viral Trend

It’s common for hairstylists to chat with their customers during haircuts so they don’t get bored or to avoid awkward feelings. But apparently, not everyone likes to chat when their hair is cut or styled.

There’s been a lot of talk about the ‘Silent Cut’ trend in Japan lately. The ‘Silent Cut’ trend started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, where several salons in Tokyo, Japan, implemented it to prevent the spread of the virus through droplets while talking. This step was also made based on the Japanese government’s call for a ‘no conversation’ or ‘little conversation’ policy in schools, shops and supermarkets.

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‘Silent Cut’ is a term used by salons in Japan when they serve customers without speaking, or only speaking as needed. According to a survey, 70 percent of people prefer this kind of service.

They felt that not talking to each other while cutting, coloring or caring for hair feels more relaxed. The ‘Silent Cut’ hair service also gives time for customers to take a short break while their hair is being styled, instead of having to spend energy listening to information that is not too important or just small talk.


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