Biru Baru Tell a Series of Human Life Phases in “Rasa & Manusia”

Biru Baru came back with their new album entitled “Rasa & Manusia” after 2 years of the 1st album release, namely “Selamat Datang” in 2020. This work was presented with the plot and story of Biru Baru’s journey in the music industry.

“Rasa & Manusia” is a collection of stories about the human life cycle which is divided into 4 chapters with a total of 11 songs. Starting from the birth of life to the development of human emotions which will lead to the final stage of peace and acceptance.

All songs composed, written and produced by Tata (Drum/Vocal) and Goldan (Guitar/Vocal). Interestingly, “Hati Manusia, Hati yang Terluka” had already been worked on by Goldan a year earlier. “Hati Manusia, Hati yang Terluka” is the focus track on this album. According to them, this song is a sign that the album is ready to be released as a complete album.

“I had done this song a year earlier without Tata’s knowledge. I also really hope that listeners can enjoy all the songs without skipping a single one. That’s because I want to represent listeners in interpreting which phase of life they are in or which song they are in,” said Goldan.

Biru Baru’s music has a relaxed mood and it is not full of guitar distortion. This time, the 2nd album tells of many phases, namely Birth & Creation (phase I), Ego & Emotions (phase II), Hardships & Conflicts (phase III), and Acceptance (phase IV). Biru Baru has also done several series to enliven the release of its 2nd album. One of them was a listening party which was held on November 8, 2022.


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