Be More Confident With These 4 Body Languages Tips

Body languages is a powerful and effective method of communicating messages in a subtle way. The expression your body gives can be as influential as words and it shapes how others perceive you. Even if you’re feeling nervous, appearing confident through your posture, gestures, and movements is crucial. Mastering control of your body language is key to persuading others and achieving success. Taken from various source, here’s how you can appear more confident with body language

Body Languages to Appear More Confident

  1. Make as much eye contact as possible

According to author Michael Ellsberg, a body language expert, eye contact is one of the most important and powerful tools for interacting face-to-face with others. Maintaining proper eye contact shows honesty, sincerity, approachability, attentiveness and willingness to listen. You just have to be careful not to look too inquisitive.

  1. Upright and open posture

It’s important to pay attention to your posture, especially when you’re facing an important challenge, such as a meeting or job interview. You can do this by shrugging your shoulders and head to look forwards. This way, you will look calm yet confident at the same time. A slouched and tense posture, with shoulders forward and head down, gives the opposite impression, which is insecurity, shyness, and nervousness.

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  1. Keep your hands visible

When you want others to notice your confidence, you should keep your hands out of your pockets. Putting your hands in your pockets shows nervousness, insecurity, and the need to hide something or keep your distance. That’s why it’s better to keep them visible and in a relaxed position.

  1. Point Your foot towards the person you are talking to

While it may seem like a simple detail, the posture and orientation of your feet when talking to others is also important. Most people tend to point their feet at the person they know best, such as their best friend or someone they perceive as a leader. Based on this, ideally, you should keep your feet in line while, at the same time, maintaining an upright posture. This is a good way to communicate that you are interested in the other person.

Source : IDNTimes

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