Why Do You Have the Same Dream Over and Over?

Dream is a fascinating and perplexing component of human consciousness, and many of us have questioned what these nocturnal journeys mean. If a person has the same dream over and over again, it may leave them wondering whether there is a hidden significance. Actually, what does the same dream mean? Why do we keep having the same dream?

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Aishwarya Raj, a clinical psychologist in Delhi-NCR, defined recurring dreams as nightmares that occur on a regular basis throughout time. According to research, recurring dreams in adults are related to poor psychological well-being. Dr Satish Kumar CR, Consultant, Clinical Psychology, Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore, agreed, saying that dreams are never regarded as clinical features for psychiatric and neurological problems; they are simply manifestations of whatever a person is experiencing in their life.

Dr. Kumar added that when a scenario is given, most of us attempt to work on it by resolving it. However, if a situation is given and no action is taken, it may result in people developing unresolved emotional difficulties.

Raj added that people who are stressed or anxious in their daily lives are more likely to have recurring dreams. It becomes an issue if the recurring dreams cause distress or interfere with daily life functioning and hamper their thought process.

Dr. Kumar suggested that people write down their dreams in a diary to remember them and then have them analyzed by a psychologist to acquire a different perspective on their lives. Raj agreed that it is critical to try to identify the underlying significance of one’s recurring dreams in order to make positive adjustments in one’s life and lessen their power. 

Source: Indianexpress.com

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