Bemandry Madly Loves His Partner in “Tetap Sama Di Matanya”

Bemandry releases his 8th work called “Tetap Sama Di Matanya ‘. Before this 8th work, he released several work such as songs called as “Inginnya Egois” (January 4th, 2023), “Gara-gara Drakor” (February 1st, 2023), “Lagu PMS” (March 1st, 2023), “Aku Berharga” (April 5th, 2023), books called as  “Kamu Berharga Meski Tidak Jadi Apa-apa (June 25th, 2023), “Yang Hilang, yang Berarti” (May 3rd, 2023), and “Berdamai Dengannya” (June 7th, 2023).

“Tetap Sama Di Matanya” itself tells a story about a man who falls deeply in love with one girl a long time ago. He cares about that girl so much until he reaches the point where he loves that girl too much even though there are other girls who tried to win his heart. The plot of the song was inspired by a novel called “Ayah” by Andrea Hirata.

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“I have several ways when it comes to making music. And one of them is when I often involve deepening the story for a song. This is not the first time I’ve done the process of making songs inspired by my own book. In the past, I even had the chance to make a song inspired by a book, and it happened to be used as the original soundtrack for the book. Like the song “Saka & Lara”, which I made from the book “KALA” and also “Relakanmu Untuknya” which was made for the book “Elegi Renjana,” Bemandry explains.

“I made this song to send a message to people out there, that we are actually allowed to give great love to the person we love. But, don’t let that great love make you blind by eyes and heart. It’s not right to be willing to hurt for the reason of love. And for me, that’s not the concept of true love. Give and take must be equal,”

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