Rayi Putra Collaborates with Kaleb J and Wendy Walters in “Come Over”

Rayi Putra, rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, has just shared his new single “Come Over” in collaboration with Kaleb J. In the video clip, Wendy Walters also takes part in becoming the star of this video clip.

Through the single “Come Over”, Rayi invites listeners to enjoy a fantasy world full of imagination, and makes us feel the desire and imagine being with someone we like, even though in the end it’s all just imagination without any real action.

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Abraham Edo and Belanegara Abe also helped to rearrange this single together with Kaleb J, an R&B musician who joined on this single. Rayi perfectly blends the feel of 2000s R&B music with his cool rhythms and signature rap and soft vocals. The single also shows Rayi and Kaleb’s vocal harmony which is a promising new release in the contemporary R&B scene.

The music video for “Come Over” tells about Wendy Walters, Kaleb J and Rayi Putra who go through a journey full of desires, temptations and fantasies. Wendy plays the wife of an older man, who when her husband is away at work, starts noticing Rayi, his gardener, and begins to dream of being with him.

In the process of making this music video, Rayi said that it was really fun to do the video with Wendy Walters and Kaleb J. The entire process of producing this video clip can run smoothly because everyone in the team has the same vision.

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