Risa Saraswati Involves Her Husband and Children for the Official Music Video of ‘Takut’

Risa Saraswati together with MD Musik Indonesia officially released the official music video for ‘Takut’, the song that was released on May 26, 2023. The official music video also features her husband (Dimas Tri Aditiyo) and son (Anaking Raga Janari) for the first time.

Risa Saraswati is known for her unique abilities. To convey her story, Risa Saraswati also wrote it down in a work, one of which is the song ‘Takut’. In ‘Takut’, she said that it was a description of the first time she saw and communicated with supernatural beings. Therefore, the main theme of the official music video also expresses Risa Saraswati’s anxiety and fear. (Phentermine)

Being the original soundtrack of the “Jurnal Risa” series certainly requires a lot of elements that are very attached to the series. The fear she experienced as a child made Aditya Sadut and Arvi Putra’s official music video feature three acts of storytelling with a flashback plot. The present moment is shown when Risa Saraswati reunites with her family while her childhood is depicted through a cut scene from the “Jurnal Risa” series.

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Then comes Risa Sarasvati’s fear which is very real because she feels that only she can feel it. The setting of each scene also focuses on the house and dining room. In addition, dolls are also one of the iconic objects and describe Risa Saraswati at that time. 

The “Jurnal Risa” series tells the story of Risa Saraswati’s childhood and life as she begins her experience with the supernatural world. Starting from the school vacation in 1998, Risa Saraswati spent her vacation at her grandfather’s house with her cousins, Angga, Kakang, Nicko, and Indy. They also made friends with other children in the area. One day Nicko enters an old Dutch house that has not been lived in for a long time. The rest of the story can only be seen on Disney+ Hotstar. As well as the official music video for TAKUT which is already live and can be watched on MD Music’s YouTube channel on June 11, 2023.

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