Onic Esports Indonesia Defeats Blacklist International Philippines in Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023

Indonesia’s Onic Esports won the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 after defeating the Philippines’ Blacklist International 4-2. 

This is the second MSC title for Onic Esport. Previously, Onic Esports had won the 2019 MSC. The final between Onic and Blacklist will feature a seven-game format (Best of 7/Bo7). In other words, the team must win 4 games to become the champion. Both teams showed a slick performance. The back-and-forth attack was on since the first game. Even if Onic was more dominant overall, the international Blacklist could pose problems for Onic’s defense.

The victory avenged Onic Esports’ loss to Blacklist International in their last tournament, the M3 World Championship playoffs. The proceedings were intense and tense. Since the first round, Onic Esports got the first kill, but as time went on the battle between the two teams got fiercer.

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CW, Kairi, Butsss, Sanz, and Kiboy took control of the game quickly and dominated, so they finished the first round quickly. With the win, Owl, Wise, Edward, Yue, and Ohmyv33nus from the Blacklist team had to give up the first round to Onic Esports.

In this round, Butsss became MVP with hero Uranus for making it difficult for Blacklist International players to move around the Land of Dawn map area. After learning from the first round, the Blacklist team chose to play at a slow tempo and in groups to avoid pickoffs from Onic players.

With the win, the team nicknamed “King of the Sky” earned $140,000 in prize money. The second-place winner received $60,000 (Rp 890 million), the third-place winner received $30,000 (Rp 448 million), and the fourth-place winner received $15,000 (Rp 224 million).

Source: liputan6.com


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