Jakarta Traffic Lights to Use AI as Control System Reducing Traffic Jam

The Jakarta Transportation Agency plans to implement an Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to adjust traffic light times according to the level of congestion.

The use of AI technology in the ATCS system will be installed at a number of points at the intersections of the capital. The implementation of this traffic controller will solve the problem of congestion by aligning red lights on the road network with AI technology.

Syafrin Liputo, Head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency, said that with this system, they hoped that it can increase traffic at intersections that have reduced traffic jams. This collaboration with Google Inc. is beneficial for a new style of traffic management pattern by optimizing technology in Jakarta.

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Syafrin also added that route closures would be carried out at several points to reduce traffic jams, especially the impact of private vehicles from outside Jakarta. According to him, currently, traffic jams are very dense and occur frequently because many toll roads are connected to areas outside Jakarta.

Another plan that will be carried out to anticipate congestion in the capital city is the regulation of employee working hours. Pemprov DKI Jakarta is currently drafting a regulation which will later announce the results of this focus group discussion.

Currently, 162 out of 321 intersections in Jakarta have used the previous generation ATCS system. Meanwhile, as many as 20 intersection points will use ATCS with AI technology. However, Syafrin has not specified the 20 intersections.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Disway

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