Jordan Susanto Shows Manipulative & Toxic Relationship in “Cherry”

Jordan Susanto seems to be consistent with the soul/R&B feel of his last album titled “Still Drunk”. Now, he has released a song titled “Cherry” which was announced during the stage performance of Java Jazz Festival 2023, the first major festival starring Jordan. 

“Cherry” is inspired by the groovy singing of Motown Records and Stax Records, two giants of the soul music genre in America in the 60s and 70s, as well as the melodic and songwriting style used by The Beatles duo Lennon-McCartney. In this single, Jordan Susanto again successfully blends modern and vintage elements, using layering techniques for the modern side and analog recording equipment for the vintage side.

“I’ve always been interested in writing songs with a woman’s name in the title. Like Layla (Derek & The Dominoes/Eric Clapton), Valerie (Amy Winehouse/The Zutons), or Mandy (Barry Manilow). It just so happens that one of my friends has a name that’s nice to sing. So I started writing this song from a made-up story. If you associate it with flavors, this song is like Cherry, so it fits perfectly,” said Jordan Susanto. 

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“Cherry” narrates a story from the point of view of the main character who is very enamored with a woman (Cherry), while they are on a staycation in a hotel room. However, the short sweet moment becomes too long and the protagonist starts to feel uncomfortable, as Cherry always persuades the protagonist to shut up and stay with her. The song is a metaphor for a manipulative and toxic relationship.

“Cherry” was written by Jordan Susanto and produced by Taufan Wirzon. All vocals and guitars are sung and played by Jordan Susanto, assisted by Yoseph Sitompul on Wurlitzer electric piano, Deska Anugrah on drums, Georgie Tanasaleh on percussion, and producer Taufan Wirzon on Fender Bass.

The rhythm section was recorded by Jonathan Pardede and Masak at Suara Studios, all keyboard tracks were recorded by Rizzkeys at his home studio, and all vocal tracks were recorded by Stevano at his home studio.

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