Bemandry Introduces “Berdamai Dengannya”, The First Collaboration with Female Musicians

Bemandry is ready to introduce his latest work “Berdamai Dengannya” to music lovers in Indonesia. In his seventh work, Bemandry collaborated with a female singer and songwriter from Yogyakarta, Febry Lillah. This collaboration is also his first experience in duet with female musicians.

The second meeting started with Febry Lillah, who in 2022 was assigned to interview a musician who was promoting his work there, and that musician was Bemandry. When they meet outside of work, they feel connected. From there, they started to get intense to share or discuss music.

“Berdamai Dengannya” ​​tells about the reunion of a couple who have not seen each other for a long time on one occasion. The two of them used to be lovers, but in the end they had to distance themselves because their relationship ran aground with circumstances that weren’t all right. 

During the meeting, they exchanged stories with each other about their current selves also about why they had become people who harbored feelings of anger and revenge for each other because of their separation. Whereas before when they were still together, they were both people who had loved each other.

And from the moment of their reunion, they finally made a promise to each other to forgive and let go of everything that had ever hurt them. And from there too, they promise to return to giving kindness to each other, even though they can no longer walk hand in hand.

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The Production process

The songwriting process is quite unique. Set in the backdrop of the two’s favorite shops, with the stall owner’s guitar, and a piece of paper. Febry Lillah said she was happy to know Bemandry and collaborate. 

For Febry, this experience is an opportunity that should not be missed, especially since it’s rare for anyone to look at musicians who may never have had a commercial release. However, he is a person who doesn’t look down on other people, so she doesn’t feel insecure about developing and exploring the world of music with him.

This song is a song that reaches to the heart and is relatable. However, because it is packed with music that is easy to listen to, it can balance this song, so even though the context discussed is actually a bit sensitive, the musical arrangement and simple lyrics make this song easy to get accepted.

Febry Lillah hopes the song “Berdamai Dengannya” ​​will be well received by music listeners in Indonesia, and awaken many people out there who broke up in a bad way to quickly make peace with themselves, and also with people who have been an important part of their life. 

Febry also expressed hope for Bemandry, that his works would be well received and have more and more listeners. “Berdamai Dengannya” is now available on various digital streaming platforms.

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