BTS Expands 3 BTS Films to Over 80 Countries and Regions

BTS gives surprise to ARMY on their debut anniversary. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut on June 13th, 3 BTS films originally released by Pony Canyon between 2015 and 2017 are now on sale in approximately 80 countries and regions, including America and European countries.

Originally released in 2015, “BTS 2015 1st JAPAN TOUR 2015 “WAKE UP: OPEN YOUR EYES”‘ features recordings from the group’s national tour of Japan in 4 cities and featured 6 performances. The film focuses primarily on their concert in Makuhari Messe. As a bonus, there’s a special behind the scenes footage and curated clips from each performance on the tour included in the package.

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Next, in 2016, the ‘2015 BTS LIVE <In the Mood for Love ON STAGE>Japan Edition at YOKOHAMA ARENA’ was released, features a recording of the group’s performance at the Yokohama Arena. The captivating live performance replete with a custom stage design to evoke the world of the ‘In the Mood for Love’ albums. (  

The package also features special bonus videos, such as a documentary that explores what happens behind the scenes, and all the interviews with members that were played at each venue on the tour during the shows.

Finally, in 2017, ‘2016 BTS LIVE <In the Mood for Love onstage: epilogueJapan Edition> ‘ was released, features the full recording of the final performance from the ‘In the Mood for Love: Epilogue’ tour, which took place at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. 

The package includes a ‘making-of’ documentary that is approximately 1 hour long and shares the feelings that the members poured into the performances as well as offering a glimpse into who they really are behind the scenes.

To all the fans overseas who couldn’t get your hands on these shows until now, as well as those fans who have seen these shows many times, make sure to get your fix of the incredible charms of BTS with these 3 amazing film packages.

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