The Bakuucakar and Andmesh Remake Glenn Fredly’s ‘Kisah Yang Salah’

The Bakuucakar and Andmesh Kamaleng remake Glenn Fredly’s hit song ‘Kisah Yang Salah’. The song is part of a collaboration project between Warner Music Indonesia and BUMI Entertainment involving The Bakuucakar and other musicians. This iconic song was first performed by Glenn in 2014 and now it is brought back by The Bakuucakar and Andmesh.

Andmesh brought ‘Kisah Yang Salah’ with beauty, giving his unforgettable personal touch to one of Glenn Fredly’s legendary songs. Andmesh expressed his disbelief at being able to recreate a song from Indonesian music legend Glenn Fredly. “I feel very honored to be able to remake this song, it has a personal closeness for me because when I first learned to sing, it was definitely with Glenn’s song. I am very honored to be able to remake this song,” he said.

The Bakuucakar hopes that Glenn’s work will be enjoyed more widely and always remembered by the next generation through this project. They said that this release is a form of their appreciation for the works that the man has created for all of us. It’s great that in this project, all of them have the opportunity to collaborate with some great singers and musicians.

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‘Kisah Yang Salah’ marked the fourth remake song after ‘Kisah Romantis’ by Lalahuta, ‘Januari’ by Anneth, and ‘Terserah’ by Paul Partohap. This project invites musicians from various labels who have been selected to rework some of Glenn Fredly’s masterpieces. Other songs will be released gradually in the near future.

Kisah Yang Salah‘ can already be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. The Official Clip airs on Andmesh Kamaleng‘s Youtube channel and the official lyric video airs on Glenn Fredly‘s youtube channel.

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