Harra. Treats Their Fans With Latest Single “Hasratku Saja”

Harra. finally released their first single in 2023 with the title ‘Hasratku Saja’. This single is also the 5th single from the band who is known for their urban/pop music.

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Isaac G Mondi, vocalist for the band Harra., said that this song tells a story about feelings of comfort that can sometimes be misinterpreted by the opposite sex and this makes us confused about the feelings we feel. In producing this single, Harra. was also assisted by Dendy Sukarno (Jawa Maliq & D’Essentials) for the Mixing & Mastering process to make the song ‘Hasratku Saja’ more pleasant and comfortable to the ears of listeners.

Harra. hoped that the song can represent the story they are trying to convey through this song. Rainer Bangsawan, guitarist for the band, hopes that your feelings will be conveyed through this song and we hope that this song can also be accepted by the wider community, especially for music lovers in Indonesia.

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