HIVI! Gives Support to Horizon Karawang Through “Selalu Bersamamu”

HIVI! decided to support Horizon Karawang, an educational institution that has an interesting perspective on education. Neida, Ezra, Febrian, and Ilham showed their support by making an anthem song for them and taking part in making the video clip.

This is along with the idea and view that education is a right for anyone, both for those who have knowledge or who still don’t or need help. HIVI! also interested in doing this collaboration because according to them, this collaboration has one vision in terms of education.

Neida, vocalist of HIVI! said that the reason they collaborated with Horizon Karawang through the song “Selalu Bersamamu”, was because they realized the importance of education. Horizon Karawang has a vision to provide inclusive education, and this is what HIVI! loves.

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“Selalu Bersamamu” is a song by Filipino singer Quest, entitled “Sasamahan Kita”, then translated into Indonesian and rearranged with HIVI!’s musical style. It took about a month to work on this song until it finally became the song “Selalu Bersamamu” that we can enjoy today. This song was also performed live at an event organized by Horizon Karawang last May.

Ezra, guitarist from HIVI! explained about the arrangement of the song that this song was rearranged with more upbeat music. The lyrics translated into Indonesian also still refer to the core message created by Quest. This is a challenge for them to be able to convey existing songs with music adapted to the characteristics of HIVI!.

Through the song “Selalu Bersamamu”, they hoped that it can also encourage everyone chasing their dreams to move forward through all existing obstacles.

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