Idgitaf Narrates Selfishness in Upbeat Tunes in “Kehilangan”

Idgitaf, singer and songwriter finally decided to return with her new song “Kehilangan” which became the closing single for her first full album. Idgitaf has started her first album journey with the singles “Satu-Satu” and “Dermaga”.

“Kehilangan” is an expression of Gita’s ego which is afraid of losing. She felt that other people had also experienced this situation, that the changes that had not yet occurred were imaginable. In fact, humans are never ready to face loss.

Gita shows a different background story in this single. The idea of ​​making the song “Kehilangan” was not actually from sadness, but because of the feeling of happiness when she performed in Bali. Unlike its sad title, this song has an upbeat vibe to show Gita’s new musical color. This song was created to celebrate selfishness delivered with an upbeat rhythm.

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Gita said that he got inspired when she was performing in Bali and felt a point of realization with her band. She also wrote the lyrics which became the chorus for this single describing her feelings after the stage.

For Gita, she has never felt a loss so deeply. She also feels no remorse for everything she has lost. Like time lost because of her busy schedule, she felt that the day was worth living and it happened.

The video clip for “Kehilangan” takes the photobox concept. Gita invites many people to participate in her video clips. Gita describes how many people come and go in our lives, and are captured by photographs. Our remaining memory can be from the brain, physically, and in the form of a photo.

After releasing this new single, Idgitaf decided to focus on preparing for the release of her first full album in the 3rd year of his career. The first album will also feature three singles that have been released, namely “Satu-Satu”, “Dermaga” and “Kehilangan”.

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