AYUENSTAR Releases a New Song “Titik Buntu” Telling About Her Downtime

AYUENSTAR, after the success of the song “Manusia Putus Asa”, is back with her latest single entitled “Titik Buntu”.

The song “Titik Buntu” was written by Ayuenstar based on her personal experience of a relationship that is on the verge of unresolved problems. It comes with a pop-ballad genre that describes her disappointment with her relationship, inviting us to enjoy verse after verse of the song that begins with a sad guitar strum, followed by Ayu’s melodious voice.

“Have you ever been in a relationship that has been stuck and the problem has no solution. Whereas initially, we expected that he was the right person and we would be happy with him. Then, the relationship broke down because of his thoughts that were no longer in line and a heart that could no longer be united. Finally deciding to leave, I just realized that when I met him first, I was indeed feeling at the lowest point of my life. Instead of this person being a heal for us and putting together the pieces that have been destroyed, it makes us feel even worse and feel as destroyed as possible. More or less this feeling is what I want to describe in this song,” said Ayuenstar.

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Ayuenstar has a different sense of presence in the last two songs, and the song she wrote has a deeper meaning. Ayu wants to share the journey of her life story.

“I want to share with people who listen to my songs that what I went through was indeed that hard, that tiring, and that painful. And also this song is a continuation of the song Manusia Putus Asa which is taken from a lyric in that song, then developed into a whole song and so is this song Titik Buntu,” Ayu explained.

Although Ayu quickly completed the process of making this song, she admits that this song is more difficult to sing than her previous songs.

“Because this song is more mellow and sadder than the song Manusia Putus Asa, this song has its level of difficulty, which is how to still sing the song well but with the right appreciation,” Ayu said about this song.

Previously, the hijab-wearing singer who has a unique and husky voice and is good at rapping successfully released three singles, namely “Swagger”, “Heart Is Dying” and “Manusia Putus Asa”. Her name was increasingly recognized after several song cover videos showing off her singing skills on her social media accounts which later went viral and were loved by many people. In early 2023, Ayuenstar finally decided to start an independent path in releasing her works. 

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