Shafira Putri Trapped in Friendzone in ‘Kisah Bahagiamu’

Shafira Putri, a singer from Surabaya, released a debut single titled ‘Kisah Bahagiamu’. The song tells about a pair of friends who are trapped in the friendzone, where one of them loves their best friend. However, their best friend actually loves someone else.

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Shafira said that there are lots of cases that relate to this song, for example old friends but are trapped in the friendzone. There is also a moment when you like a friend, but after confessing your feelings, you are ghosted by them. Even so, Shafira said that the song composed by Cosmas Sebastian Admadja has an important point about sincerity for the happiness that a beloved friend gets.

The song whose lyrics were written by Shafira Putri is so close to a teenage love story that looks simple but is very hard to go through. This song combines elements of a splendid arrangement that sound simple, era-catchy, and blend so perfectly with Shafira’s vocal character. This is not without reason, Shafira idolizes the magnificent vocals of Celine Dion, the straightforward lyrics and beautiful delivery of messages from Yura Yunita, to the cinematic arrangements of Ifa Fachir.

In order to interpret all the feelings contained in this single, Shafira Putri also released the music video for ‘Kisah Bahagia’ on the same day as the song’s release. Conceptually, this music video tells of a pair of close friends from childhood who must be separated when one of them has a lover.

Through this MV, Shafira Putri wants to convey the meaning of this song 360 degrees in the form of a cinematic audio-visual presentation that listeners will relate to. Apart from that, Shafira also hopes that this song will make a deep impression on listeners.

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