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Rashilla Diva Tells a Sweet Love Story in “Only You”

Rashilla Diva released another single entitled “Only You”. This song is her third single after previously releasing her first single “Maaf” in 2018 and her second single “Jatuh Cinta” in 2022. Rashilla Diva’s real name is Difa Raisa Ashilla Putri. She is a singer and songwriter from Bandung who often creates music content and has released two songs.

“Only You” tells about the love journey of a pair of lovers in which they have been in love from their university days to become a husband and wife. This story is inspired by the true story of Veranica, one of the songwriters.

This song tells the story from the woman’s point of view in which she expresses her feelings of gratitude for getting the right man to be a husband and a father. Starting from getting acquainted in the Campus Hall which then continued dating even though they were in LDR and almost broke up because of the many trials that hit their relationship. 

In the end, they managed to survive until they got married and had a son named Ben. Ben also revealed that he was very grateful for having a great father, who always had time to play with Ben.

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