UTOPIA Is Blessed to Have Destined Partner in “Mencintaimu Seperti Anugerah”

UTOPIA is back with a new single “Mencintaimu Seperti Anugerah” after previously releasing the single “Kau Ulang Lagi Menyakiti Aku” at the end of 2022. Still led by Anna (vocal), Tommy (drums), and Mplay (guitar), “Mencintaimu Seperti Anugerah” was produced with different musical color from the previous single where the process of working on this song is still entirely produced in Bandung.

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On the single “Mencintaimu Seperti Anugerah”, UTOPIA explores their new song with music that emphasizes ‘Digital Rock Ambience’ with a drum beat that is slightly more danceable combined with arrangements and electro music sounds as well as a more modern guitar sound.

The song “Mencintaimu Seperti  Anugerah” also has a more ‘Happy’ and ‘Excited’ energy with UTOPIA’s signature ‘Sweet Dark’ vocals and also the twang of the piano which also has a sweet dark nuance. The song is combined with a light-dark Faim Achmad’s music video, which has the same frequency as the  ‘Digital Rock Ambience’

“Mencintaimu Seperti Anugerah” tells about the happiness of someone who gets their expected partner. Like getting a gift, they are very grateful to have a partner like them. The song portrays the relationship between the two that brings positive vibes, making them excited, happy, and want to be together forever.

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