Mezzaluna Shows Her Experimental Side in “Setting Up the Phone Call”

Mezzaluna released a new single entitled “Setting Up the Phone Call”. Still under OFFMUTE, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment, the song “Setting Up the Phone Call” is Mezzaluna’s fourth single after “In Situ”, “In Situ Remix”, “I Beg” and “You Should Know”.

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According to her, the process of creating this song is quite unique and different from her previous songs. “Setting Up the Phone Call” was actually created when she was having difficulty writing songs. Mezzaluna said that this song was really experimental in writing, at that time she was listening to The Beatles a lot and kept thinking it was cool too. They could use any material to write a song.

In simple terms, this song tells about her going out for a night with friends. The lyrics describe all the events from when she got in the car to her destination. Mezzaluna said that she really was just like writing fiction. This was a new experience where she realized that writing song lyrics can come from any form and from anywhere.

Mezzaluna, who is currently also studying at a university in London, admits that her daily life there has quite influenced her in her thinking. Many new perspectives have emerged that were not her at all before. Dreaming to be a singer, Mezzaluna certainly has hopes of releasing an album soon and being able to perform more frequently. 

Mezzaluna, or Jaya Mezzaluna Bungari, is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who debuted in early 2021 as the first Indonesian artist to join Sony Music Entertainment’s regional label, OFFMUTE. Mezzaluna’s deep, husky and soulful vocals and personal storytelling style bring maturity and wisdom to her music, making her a promising newcomer to the alternative pop genre in the local music scene.

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