Tiket is Back with A Remake of Their Single “Biarlah Cinta Menyatukan Kita”

Tiket, a legendary band returning to the Indonesian music scene through a “polish” of an old single “Biarkan Cinta Menyatukan Kita”. Still on their original formation of Opet Alatas, Brian Kresna Putro, Arden Wiebowo and Aqi Singgi, Tiket continues to pour musical ideas through their works. Previously, they have released the remastered songs ‘Hanya Kamu Yang Bisa’ and ‘Abadilah’.

The 2000s generation must be familiar with the song. “Biarkan saja cinta menyatukan kita, kan kujaga seharum nafasnya. Jangan sampai tergoreskan luka, tuntunkanlah hingga akhir kita.” The lyrics of the chorus are very related to the condition of romance at the time, maybe until now. The 2000s-era musical tones that wrapped it have now been replaced with new ideas from Brian and of course Aqi’s voice, who was no longer with Tiket when the song was released in 2005.

Opet, the bassist, said that the song started when he was making notations with Arden, the guitarist. He tried to fill in the story in it and Opet chose to give a touch of a love story. About whatever obstacles come in a relationship, love will be the solution to unite two hearts that are destined to be together.

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Regarding the music, Opet feels that this time, it is more “relaxed” than the version 18 years ago. “In the past, we followed the era musically. Now there are many other ideas from Aqi and Brian (that didn’t exist back then). In the past, the singing was screaming, but now it’s more relaxed.” Opet explained.

For Tiket, this song has a personal significance in sending them on their journey.  Aqi said that this song “Biarlah Cinta Menyatukan Kita” is the reason they can stay in the Indonesia Music Industry at that time. It also plays an important role in Tiket’s catalog of songs in the Indonesian music industry. That’s why they also hope this song will have its own meaning for the listeners. Currently you can listen to their new remake of “Biarlah Cinta Menyatukan Kita” on all digital streaming platforms and the old one on their youtube channel.

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