Benson Boone’s New Single “Beautiful Things” Is a Powerful Ballad About Love and Fear

Bingkai Karya – Hold onto your hearts, Boone fans! Your beloved pop prince has graced us with the long-awaited single “Beautiful Things,” a love ballad so poignant it’ll squeeze every ounce of emotion from your soul.

This viral sensation, already crushing 130 million views across TikTok and Instagram, blends heartfelt lyrics with a chorus that hooks you tighter than a first kiss. Boone’s voice is pure velvet, dripping with passion as he navigates the delicate dance between love’s joy and the ever-present sting of fear.

The song whispers of finding solace in loved ones, yet grapples with the fragility of such treasures. The chorus bursts with a desperate plea to hold onto these “beautiful things,” a sentiment anyone who’s ever feared losing what matters most can relate to.

“Beautiful Things” is a star-studded addition to Boone’s musical tapestry. It’s a ballad with emotional depth that’ll leave you breathless, proving he’s a force to be reckoned with in the pop world.

Speaking of meteoric rises, 2023 was Boone’s year. MTV crowned him a Global PUSH Artist, his “Pulse” EP racked up millions of streams on tracks like “What Was” and “Sugar Sweet,” and he conquered sold-out tours across continents. Not to mention, his poignant single “To Love Someone” closed the year on a tender note.

Remember the piano ballad “Before You” from 2022? That was just the precursor to Boone’s “Walk Me Home…” EP, where hits like the chart-topping “GHOST TOWN” made him a Billboard Hot 100 darling. Oh, and did I mention “GHOST TOWN” went Gold, followed by the Platinum-certified “In The Stars”? This guy’s on fire!

Speaking of fire, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds is the one who ignited Boone’s career. Today, with over 1.9 billion global streams and raves from Billboard and Consequence, Boone’s solidified his status as “an exciting new voice.”

“Beautiful Things” is Boone’s declaration of 2024 dominance. This track showcases his raw talent and boundless potential, and it’s guaranteed to resonate with every pop music lover on the planet.


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