Bernadya Talks About Ghosting in “Apa Mungkin”

Bernadya released a debut single entitled “Apa Mungkin” under JUNI Records. The song was written by Bernadya herself, inspired by her best friend’s experience in a relationship. She saw that some relationships work one sided with no vivid goals and continuation,  making one side confused of the relationship, or what so called ‘ghosting’.  

“I pour my unanswered questions about a relationship into this song. Those questions pop up in my mind because I often listen to my friend’s story about it and also as a result of my overthinking at night,” explained Bernadya. “I made this song in a day as a result of playing guitar in my room while I was alone. I invited Rendy Pandugo as the producer because I really like his songs.”

The arrangement of the song is simple in order to accompany the light lyrics, making the song more relatable and ear catchy. The CEO of JUNI Records, Adryanto Pratono, announced Bernadya’s debut, “Today, JUNI Records is really glad to introduce a talented musician and songwriter, Bernadya. I have been so enthusiastic to look forward to this day ever since I listened to her demo, especially the way she weaves the words, making me enjoy the song as my best friend’s story. I hope that we, in JUNI, always be Bernadya’s best friend in the Indonesian music industry.”

The music video of “Apa Mungkin” is directed by Gilbert March who has worked on Raisa’s “Someday, You”, Biru Baru’s “Terbenam”, and Raisa and Afgan’s “Tunjukkan”. It carried a softm, beauty & teenage romance concept in order to portray how someone waited for an answer  and certainty. 

Bernadya Ribka is a young singer songwriter born in Surabaya. She now is a college student in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, majoring a Bachelor Degree of Movie. She started her career as a singer together with her older sister, Celine, in a duo named “Celine & Nadya”.  


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