Beyoncé Released New Single “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé released a 90s disco dance song, “Break My Soul” on June 20, 2022. The song was inspired by Robin Schulz’s song that was released in 1993 entitled “Show Me Love”. Just like its title, “Break My Soul” is about  someone who goes out of their comfort zone and lives as they desired. 

The song is the first track of Beyoncé’s 7th album. “Renaissance”. The album will also include some country songs. Beyoncé explained that her latest song was covered in dominant vocals and intense beat, making whoever listens to this song dance. 

In making this song, Beyoncé worked together with Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart, Jay-Z, Allen George, Fred McFarlane, Adam Pigott, and Freddie Ross. Previously, Beyoncé tries to catch the public’s attention by deleting her profile picture last week, following the announcement of her 7th album “Renaissance”.


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