Binus @Malang’s Batch 66 Graduation Solemnly Held as their First Graduation in Grand Mercure Malang Mirama

BINUS UNIVERSITY in their 66th graduation ceremony graduated 5,788 graduates and became the graduation ceremony with the highest number of graduates held onsite in Malang, on November 27 2022 and Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) December 9-11 2022.

BINUS @Malang succeeded in graduating 145 students from the Undergraduate Education Program with very proud results. In addition, in this 66th Graduation ceremony, BINUS @Malang for the first time held an onsite Graduation Ceremony located at the Grand Mercure Malang Mirama.

From 145 graduates of BINUS @Malang, 98.62% of graduates graduated on time with 95.17% of graduates having GPA > 3.00. Additionally, there are 4 graduates receiving the Summa Cum Laude predicate with a GPA equal to or more than 3.91 to 4.00, while as many as 74% of Bachelor graduates are already working.

18% of them have worked at Global Companies or Top Nationals, 29% have become entrepreneurs, and as many as 2% have continued their studies.

“After 4 graduations, for graduates from BINUS @Malang in this period, a graduation was specifically held in Malang where the BINUS Malang Campus is located. The graduation ceremony, which was held specifically at BINUS @Malang, proves that BINUS UNIVERSITY has contributed to improving the quality of reliable human resources in digital technopreneurs. This is one form of concrete evidence of Fostering and Empowering in educating and empowering people for the benefit of the nation and the State,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, M.M. – Chancellor of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

The important thing conveyed by Prof. Harjanto in his welcoming speech emphasized the importance of upholding integrity for BINUS UNIVERSITY graduates. Since 2016, BINUS UNIVERSITY has imposed “cheating equals to drop out” sanctions and withdrawn the certificates of BINUS alumni who are proven to be involved in corruption or cause other people to commit corruption.

BINUS UNIVERSITY wants to contribute to helping the community and the government in eradicating corruption, which starts with simple things, such as honesty.


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