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Brool, A New and Unique Dessert Innovation by BVGIL Gelato Malang

BVGIL Gelato is a well-known ice cream shop in Malang. Since its establishment, this place is indistinguishable with their various flavoured ice cream. Yet, on August 17, 2022, BVGIL Gelato released a new dessert named Brool. This new menu is a long-shaped cinnamon roll bread, sliced into pieces and covered with toppings like cream cheese, tiramisu, Nutella/nougat, choco chees, and lotus biscuit. 

On their first day of launch, BVGIL Gelato gave an interesting promo for the customers, which was every 1 Brool purchase would get 1 scoop of gelato for free. This promo surely attracted the customers to taste the bread.

For those who want to try Brool by BVGIL, you can come to BVGIL Outlet in Guntur St. No. 33, Malang. This menu is a limited edition menu, so you can’t order it through online delivery. You can get Brool for only IDR 26,000 to IDR 32,000, depending on what flavour and topping you want.

Compared to other menus in BVGIL, Brool’s price seems higher. But, that price is worth the quality of taste and ingredients served. This Brool is cooked using premium ingredients with overflowing toppings.

The reason for launching this new menu is that BVGIL Gelato wants to give new innovation in Food & Beverage. It’s also for introducing BVGIL Gelato as not only a gelato ice cream shop. It’s also a shop serving heavy meals, snacks, and desserts. Savira, the Manager and the Developer Product of BVGIL Gelato, stated that Brool is very fresh and distinct from the menu existing in BVGIL Gelato. 

It’s even getting more special because no one has sold Brool in Malang. Brool by BVGIL Gelato also got a lot of positive response, especially due to its taste and uniqueness.

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BVGIL Gelato hopes that they can launch more innovations in F&B. They will always develop their creativity so that they can keep serving something new and fresh to their customers.

The culinary world will never die, but will continue to grow and there will be something new, so BVGIL Gelato wants to take advantage of this opportunity to produce something new for customer satisfaction.


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