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Calum Scott Celebrates Self-Compassion on New Single “At Your Worst”

Calum Scott released a vibrant single titled “At Your Worst,” a track that resonates with a pulsating energy and heartfelt message. Calum presents this uptempo composition as a testament to embracing imperfections and fostering love for oneself and others. His soulful vocals take center stage, adding depth and authenticity to the candid exploration of self-acceptance. (

Following his collaboration with Jax Jones on “Whistle,” “At Your Worst” emerges as Calum’s first solo endeavor since the celebrated sophomore album, “Bridges,” released in mid-2022. Collaborating with the talented Digital Farm Animals and Jon “MAGS” Maguire, Calum expertly crafts a soundscape that merges breezy melodies with invigorating beats, enriched by lush guitar work and mesmerizing synth elements. 

The song’s inception was driven by Calum’s realization that despite anxieties, self-doubt, and imperfections, everyone is deserving of love and acceptance. This message not only extends to others but also to himself, reflecting the importance of self-love. Calum’s description of the track’s nostalgic and retro sound, reminiscent of the Sega Mega Drive era, adds an extra layer of relatability and warmth to the composition.


Calum’s presence is not confined to the studio; he has integrated “At Your Worst” into his captivating live performances, including the Bridges World Tour that took off in the summer of 2022, with sold-out shows in prominent cities such as New York City and Boston.

With a remarkable track record of over 15 billion global streams, Calum’s collaboration with Jax Jones on “Whistle” further cements his presence in the music world, amassing over 135 million streams. This follows a string of successful collaborations, including “Woke Up In Love” with Kygo and Gryffin, and the gold-certified hit “Where Are You Now” with Lost Frequencies, which not only earned a 2023 BRIT Award Nomination but also achieved over 1.5 billion global streams.

As the music world eagerly anticipates more from Calum Scott, “At Your Worst” stands as a testament to his evolution as an artist, staying true to his roots while embracing new sonic landscapes and delivering messages that resonate deeply with his audience.

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