Celebrating 4 Years of Her Music Career, Dere Holds “Rubik Performance”


Bingkai Karya-Celebrating the “Rubik” album second anniversary, Expoindo and Dere presented a unique performance titled “Pentas Rubik.” As Dere enters her fourth year of music career, she also expects an exciting and colorful celebration. “Getting older, graduating from college, falling in love, heartbreak, friends coming and going, and more. I want to appreciate all these new frictions with cheers on stage with all my friends! Can’t wait!” said Dere.

Welcoming the spirit of Rubik’s Album, Dere wishes to extend an invitation to all of her friends to happily celebrate the dynamics of the rotation that occurs in life.Dere’s songs will be accompanied by a variety of musical performances, including a full orchestra and an acoustic setting with a hint of warm percussion. Among them are “Berisik”, “Kota”, “Berlagu”, and others. Additionally, everything is displayed in harmony with the upcoming lighting and visuals

“Bring your friends, brothers, sisters, mom, dad, everyone. I hope we can sing together there. See you!” added Dere. “Pentas Rubik” will be held on July 21, 2024 at Pos Bloc, Jakarta. Hopefully, the joy of this moment could touch all of the hearts who attend.

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