Tiara Effendy Releases Her Latest Ballad Single, “Jangan Dipaksa”

Tiara Effendy

Bingkai Karya-After releasing the single “Sama Rata” last year, Tiara Effendy is back with her latest single in 2024 titled “Jangan Dipaksa.” This project serves as Tiara Effendy’s first single released this year.

Of course this is very exciting for her, because she always looks forward to the moment of releasing a new song. Especially because over the past year she has more often performed happy songs. “Honestly, I miss performing ballads. Because I matched with this song, so this is what I released first,” she said.

“Jangan Dipaksa” tells the story of a person who feels her love is not reciprocated by the person she loves. Until finally trying to find what happened by asking the person directly. The song was taken from Tiara Effendy’s life story. Jaz Hayat took the role as the songwriter together with Bembong Rifqy and Gary Anake. In addition, for this single, Boni Eko serves as Executive Producer while Ayoe Purnamasari as Vocal Director.

Although Tiara Effendy felt that the ballad song she performed was still similar to her previous songs, in fact, after she played this song to some of her friends, they expressed different things. “They even said that in this song, my singing is more mature,” she said.

Through “Jangan Dipaksa,” Tiara Effendy has high hopes that many hearts will be represented and many ears will end up loving this song. She also hopes that this song can be a big foundation for her career journey in the future. “Hopefully this song will also reach 1 million streams! Amen!” She concluded.

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